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YemuZip 2.4.8

YemuZip YemuZip 2.4.8

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YemuZip Editor's Review

YemuZip is a free tool that creates ZIP archives.

I've been looking for a free alternative to all the programs that offer ZIP compression support and here it is. Creating archives was never easier than with YemuZip. There is the Mac OS X built in ZIP support, but YemuZip provides you more flexibility.

The interface of this application is very simple, which makes it easy to use. All you have to set up is the location to save the compressed ZIP archive. The default location is your Desktop folder.

Dragging a set of files/folders over the application's interface, pops a window where you can provide a name for the archive. After providing that name you can proceed with the creation process.

Depending on the amount of processed data and your CPU speed, the entire creation process works relatively fast. After the compression phase you have a brand new ZIP archive into the output targeted folder.

Don't try this at home: the nut cracking test was the torture test. I used the 'test files' folder. It has 2.23 GB of data, 338 documents and 8 subdirectories with various file types including media files, images, documents, and archives.

The archiving time was 9 minutes and 42 seconds, as my Swiss watch said. The CPU load was around 60% the whole time on both of the cores because I am using an Intel Core Duo T2400. Since it didn't use both of the cores at full capacity, I believe the compressing engine doesn't have the support for dual-core machines.

Pluses: it has a very simple interface, it's working very fast in the whole compressing process.

Drawbacks / flaws:

In conclusion: this is a nice archiving tool and it's very easy to use. Learning how to use this program it’s a no-brainer.

version reviewed: 2.0

YemuZip Publisher's Description

YemuZip is a simple, no-frills, easy-to-use application for making zip files. YemuZip sports Yellow Mug's signature intuitive user interface, and it is free of charge for personal use.

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